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Quick Announcements

Download Unlocker Current Patch/Version: 2.0.7 (Beta Week 7-1)

*We are so glad to show you our biggest project since Download Unlocker. Remember, this beta will only last for 3 months, and then it's gone forever.

*We are currently experiencing high website traffic volume, you may experience issues with the beta.

*At the bottom of this page is a feedback form. If you run into issues, have questions, or have general feedback, please let us know there. Thanks!!!!


Change log for 2.0.7

#~#~# Changelog - 24/Jul/20 #~#~#
Snapshot 2.0.7

  • Download Unlocker purchases, including merchandise, subscriptions, and donations are now all configured to go through this website.
  • DuCloud and DuCloud applications are now 100% compatible with this website
  • DuCloud Developer Drive is compatible with the website
  • DuCloud File Vault is almost compatible but we're not quite there yet!
  • Server status is now automatically updated
  • All traffic that comes here from the legacy website is now encrypted and secured
  • We now store cookies that will keep you logged in until you log out. (You will still be logged out after 30 days since your last log in)
  • Developer/Verified accounts can now be identified with a (D) or (V) marking in their username.
  • Developer accounts now have a debug/developer settings page
  • Google analytics data is now collected from this website.

JUNE 2020's Game of the Month

JUNE 2020's Games of the Month:

Here are the top 3 best performing games as of June 2020:

#1 - Feudalism 3

#2 - Feudalism 2

#3 - Cubefield

These games were chosen for Game of the Month according to our Google Analytics data. They have all received their corresponding awards.

These games are only available on the Legacy Website.


Region Server Information:


  • Region Managers: Kolby Martin and Alejandro Hernandez
  • NA West Region: Josh Armstrong [ Online ]
  • NA East Region:  Shane Long          [ Online ]
  • Europe Region:   Alyssa Wahl          [ Online ]
  • Asia Region:        Haiden Avari         [ Online ]

Click here for more information on our server status.
*Update on our servers: We have officially changed how Download Unlocker works. Our servers will now be referred to as Regions, and our operators will be known as Region Managers and Operators. All of our America-based servers, excluding 2 to account for our 2 new regions, have been closed, migrated, and auctioned off. We also purchased a new location in Asia.All of our servers are running even better hardware, so you should see an increase in performance.