Thank you all for coming to the Download Unlocker beta. This announcement will hold all the information you need to know about this beta. Please give it a read.

Let's start with restrictions.



We are limiting certain actions on this website that may be deemed harmful to the beta. Here is what is being restricted:

*Excessive opening of links

*Uploading files



*Suspicious behavior

*VPN (Virtual Private Network) usage


These restrictions are in place temporarily as we continue to maintain the website and secure everyone online.


General Information

*The beta will last for 3 months starting on June 13th, 2020, through September 13th, 2020.

*The beta will show how Download Unlocker 2 will run when we are ready to launch.

*The beta will show us how we need to maintain the new hardware, and what we can do with the software.


If we have more information to announce, we will update this page.