Update on the beta

Hey Download Unlocker,

This is just a quick announcement that we wanted to make regarding the status of the BETA. It has very well exceeded our expectations! We are very impressed with how the website it performing. We are going to keep working on migrating features to the BETA and matching it up with the legacy website. But here's the question:

Why are we only doing the beta for 3 months... And then abandoning it?

Right now, we don't actually have a certificate to validate for this website (which kind of makes this website illegal)

The website is legal however, as we have a temporary certificate. It lasts until September 11th, 2020.

If we are able to get a hold of a proper certificate, we will consider extending the beta.

For now though, please continue to enjoy the new website for the summer!!!

If you have feedback, please email support@downloadunlocker.com or use the feedback form.