Thanks for checking out our Minecraft Downloads. This page is derived from the legacy site's files.



We have released Long Launcher 2! This Minecraft Launcher should work slightly better than the original, but we only recommend using it if the original doesn't work, as it sometimes doesn't download content correctly. We have also seen problems where it won't launch as a premium account, which reduces how many servers you can play on.

Along with Long Launcher 2, we have also attached a jar file that is necessary in order for Long Launcher 2 to run the game, called mc-starter.jar. You need to download it and place it in your .minecraft folder/directory.

****We have released Long Launcher 3, which features the latest launcher design from the official Minecraft website! This is the most recommended launcher that you should download. Only download other launchers if you cannot get them to work.


Obviously, we aren't perfect, so if you are having problems, please send us feedback so we can work on fixing bugs and issues!




If you are having problems opening anything, try downloading it to another computer and adding it to yours via flash drive. Also, if possible, open it on your internet from home first after school hours, if you have a laptop you can take home.




In this list:

MCTUTOR.MP4 - not important don't download it


Minecraft LongLauncher.jar - Shane's launcher, works very well



Minecraft Long Launcher 2.jar - Shane's 2nd launcher in case the 1st isn't working


Minecraft Long Launcher 3.jar - Official Mojang launcher modified to work on corporate devices. (MOST RECOMMENDED)


SKLauncher 2.8 Copy.jar - use if SKLauncher 2.8.jar doesn't work


SKLauncher 2.8.jar - Not recommended for best use anymore


TLAUCNHER-2.12-VERSION2WORKING.jar - Working T-Launcher download


TLAUNCHER-MCL.jar - idk if this works or not


Minecraft.jar - probably doesn't work, but worth a try?


mc.starter.jar - Drag and drop this file in your minecraft folder if you are using Long Launcher 1 or 2.


Recommended Launchers: Long Launcher, Long Launcher 2, Long Launcher 3, and T Launcher (they seem to work the best)